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light is the power of my skittle love freedom

keebled elf and spiritual zest

Kate Bush faery
alabama, alanis, alive, alternative technology, angels, apple g4 processor, ashokan reservoir, assertiveness, at 85mph, be 900 years old, beautiful, berrylium, blessed communion of souls, books, break in an engine, breaking away, children, compassion, comprehension, crystal, danika patrick, danish electronica, david bowie, do you see yourself?, dreams, drowning in light, emmanuel levinas, exhaust powered turbo charger, ezekiel, flying, freud, ghandi, giggles, gingerade kombucha, god, hannah arendt, i see you, i-90, ice, in the montana mountains, indigo, israel, jane austen, jesus, jewish warriors, keebler elf baking cookies, laughter, love, muzak, new technology, new york, nick drake, nikola tesla, noah live to, owning your truth, patty griffin, portals, positive confrontation, psychic, psychoanalysis, race car drivers, rainbow, reading, saab, saab 900 turbo, shiveries, snow, soul, soul alignment, spirit, stevie nicks, sunshine, talmud, telepathy, the old saab smell, torah, tori amos, transcontintental driving, trentemoller, truth, understanding, virginia, washington, water, why did, wings, winter, writing